more than two decades experience of working in the public realm

Oasis Designs Inc. is a master-planning, urban design, architecture and landscape design consultancy firm focused on creating nature-oriented urban public realms. Established in 2001, by Akash & Sujata Hingorani - the founding partners, the team consists of urban designers, architects and landscape architects engaged with various project across different cities in India. Visioning and creating new public destination spaces in cities, reclaiming derelict landscape and transforming them into useable public commons is the central mission for the firm. Streetscapes, public plazas & parks, waterfronts, greenways - the design team brings in mobility, ecology and sustainability into all the projects to help create memorable nature-oriented experiences in the cities. Using a place-making approach to reimagine public spaces around transit, storm water, ecology, heritage, these people friendly usable public commons is the main focus for the design team. The firm's work has been recognized at various forums, and has won several awards, most notable amongst which include the IIA Architect of the year awards - in 2012 and again in 2018. The firm has also won the prestigious LA award - and most of the project have been featured in various national and international magazines. Pioneering and mainstreaming sustainability concepts into practice, has been another goal for the firm - with critical policy interventions in the fields of storm water management, open-space management, transit-oriented development, multi-modal integration at transit stations - all this also informs the project-designs for all our assignments. This continued learning process is critical for the firm to maintain a performance-based cutting edge landscape design approach for all its projects. With two decades of onsite experience of delivering quality public spaces, negotiating challenges during execution and finally putting up pioneering designs to redefine the open-space standards in our cities - the team now looks forward to taking on bigger city-level challenges. The team is proud to have delivered many award-winning destination projects like the Sabarmati Riverfront Park and the Flower Park in Ahmedabad, the iconic streetscape for JM Road and FC road in Pune, the first-of-its-kind landscaped MMI plaza for the Chattarpur Metro station in Delhi, the lakefronts for Coimbatore, the Masterplan for the new riverfront & beach front at Puri, and the masterplan for North Chennai focusing on mobility and place-making. Each of these projects create a new benchmark for new open-space standards in their cities. The World Bank - Mumbai TOD- study project of the 69.5 km long Suburban Rail corridor - a master planning project - bring together the Transit-Oriented approach with ecological sustainability, NMT, MMI, and place making - all underpinned with a sound business plan demonstrates the cross-disciplinary urban master planning approach that the firm brings together. Both the Smart City Plans for Guwahati and Shimla prepared by the firm - won their competitions to be selected in their first attempts, again recognizing the comprehensive context-driven, data-based, community-driven sustainable design approach.

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